The Road Records is an analogue recording studio and production company founded in the Brecon Beacons of Wales, UK in 2015 by producer and multi-instrumentalist Franklin Mockett and international award winning photographer Rebecca Rose Harris. We offer a range of bespoke services from mixing, recording, producing and location work, to the creation of full recorded live sessions and band photoshoots.

To date, we have lead productions in our studio in Wales, recorded live sessions in churches around the South coast, rented out large venues for events and have recorded albums in a Chateaux in Southern France. While we are in the process of building a new recording studio in North Wales, we are currently working with a number of churches and venues in Brighton to help promote unique spaces for creative uses, with the vision of giving back to local communities. Using our analogue mobile rig, we deliver productions with soul and richness to imbue a sense of authenticity and richness to our recordings.

Being artists ourselves, we understand the importance of capturing and portraying the intensity and sincerity of a performance from the root of its flame, to the ritual of exercise. If you would like to work with us on your project, contact us for a tailored service to suit your needs and requirements, however large or small.


F R A N K L I N   M O C K E T T


"I started producing to capture the life of music on record. For me, it has always been a voyage of maintaining both the emotional and physical planes of music and space, in an attempt to allow the listener a fully immersive experience with no barriers. I see production as a silent instrument, always playing yet never heard. I specialise in the use of analogue equipment, integrating digital processing, thus exploiting the favourable attributes of both, in replicating a rich, living sound."




Rebecca Rose Harris - the road records

Rebecca is a film-maker and photographer at The Road Records. She is an award winning photographer whose work has received international critical acclaim and has self-published a book of poetry and photographs called 'Archipelago' which has been showcased in England and Athens. Her work has been featured in a range of prestigious printed and online magazines including Der Grief, Positive magazine, OPERA magazine & Darwin Magazine. Rebecca was recently presented with 'The Personal Award' from the Creative Photography Review and has been continuing to exhibit and work across the country.