In the mixing process, I assign each recorded element to a specific mixing desk I feel will best enhance its characteristics. I mix everything through all my hardware and use the sounds of the rooms of the house for natural reverb and ambience. I’ll often start or finish putting the tracks to 1/4” tape for some luscious tape saturation. I always intend to give each mix a good sense of depth and dynamics and tend not to use much compression, if at all. I am not a man of the loudness war. My mixing process differs wildly for each project, so contact me and we can discuss the specifics for a tailored quotation to meet your needs and budget. 


When recording, I pay huge attention to mic placement with respect to each instrument and its place in an acoustic environment. I will often use different rooms and distances for their differing frequency and psychoacoustic effects on both the wet and dry signals of each instrument. Through capturing sounds this way, I keep the mixing process as simple and organic as possible, giving way to a more veracious mix. We can also provide full documentation of your time spent here through video and analogue photography. For more information about our visual services, click here.


I believe production to be the frame of a musical painting. Through my production, I seek to allow the listener to experience the music without any barriers in an attempt to create an entirely immersive, three-dimensional space of feeling. I look to create a natural, strong frame that holds the music together, helping it stand the test of time. Please contact me to discuss the fine details of your project.