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Eli Carvajal


"Recording my four-track EP over three days with Franklin was one of the most satisfying creative experiences I've ever had. Franklin is the consummate producer. He is a technical wizard, and his expertise with engineering, mic placement and the art of recording itself was evident immediately. He gets amazing sounds from various instruments and from the room, and his work simply sounds amazing. However, what makes Franklin really stand out from the rest is his lightning creativity and his positive, supportive attitude in the studio. He showed something rare in a producer - absolute care for the songs, and a deep understanding of the creative process. He faces challenges with warmth and creativity, and he creates an atmosphere of care, patience, and encouragement in the studio. He can be fun, he can be calm, he can be wild - anything to support the artist in their creative recording process - and with Franklin the recording process IS creative and exciting. He showed total belief in the music we were making for those three days, and he helped me believe in the songs and the recordings we made. I would describe him as an utterly sensitive producer, with the creative musicianship of a talented songwriter and the most amazing pair of ears. Recording with Franklin was an unforgettable experience, and I hope to keep working with him. A lovely person, a great producer - he's a proper gem!"