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Alex Teller


"Franklin takes a refreshing approach to music which i think is truly necessary in the age of digital bedroom recordings. He weaves the romance of analogue gear of yesteryear with the time saving innovations of modern recording to create a process that retains the warmth and competence of our loved records, without being simply nostalgic. I found that working with Franklin made me rethink a lot of what I'd forgotten about the love of creating music.

He's specifically trained his ear to be sensitive to the nuances of a snare drum, right up to creating huge immersive ambient soundscapes. My record not only took on a three dimensional quality, but also made me think of my music differently, drawing my attention to areas I'd overlooked, and teaching me to enjoy it in new ways. Rather than having a collection of singles, stitched together digitally, I now have a cohesive body of work filled with real musicianship and heart."